UpMeDownMe is a pet project of mine. It’s the second novel I wrote (the first is burned electronically). And it is also where I found my narrative voice in writing. The first book taught me structure and how to organize a book, this one taught me how I write.

It’s essentially about suicide. Actually, it is. It’s also about mental illness, bipolar disorder to be exact. Basically, in the presence of a previous suicide attempt, whether major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder or schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder borderline personality disorder or even just cyclothymia (which is still bipolar disorder), everything gets fucked. Relationships are not the same, ever.

It’s a downer.

But it has a happy ending of sorts.

It’s in it’s rough draft right now. I wrote it in the month of september so it’s a tad rushed. But right now it’s sitting on the shelf of another’s while in editing.

The first half of the book is up. The other half is on my computer. Read, enjoy it. Give feedback if you want. Let me know if more is wanted. I’ll think about posting it all but I’m concerned about plagiarism so it won’t be fully accessible.


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