The Erotic Adventures of Molly Parker

Note: As of November 17th, this is undergoing a massive rewrite. The first chapter is a little set, and the third chapter is coming along fine, but the second chapter is having massive changes to the writing style to mirror the bad writing that I’m encountering in my research. It’ll start off as cliche, I already have the stock characters, but in time it’ll approach my voice in writing, but still with some classic things going on.

Still, I’m taking it down so that I don’t embarrass myself.

This one is becoming one of my all time favorites to write even though I have no earthly clue about how to write it at all. It’s a romance. Currently, I’m researching romance novels to write it and slowly learning the language and structure. It’s murder and fun.

This is also a solid work in progress so don’t be surprised if I change things or if comments don’t seem to make sense.

Anyways, it’s the story of Molly Parker. A recent divorcee that travels with her friend, Dom, to Nice, France. It’s a get away where she meets a dark man, Constantine, I won’t spoil the details (since there aren’t that many right now), but he brings her down into a sexual abyss as we journey through infidelity and divorce through her interactions with Dom.

It also ends with someone dying.


It’s divided up into two halves. One in a standardized romance novel language that details most of the present in the novel, the other half forms act 1 that leads up to her leaving and carries the two other main characters along in the story. Ultimately they coincide in the end (which is half written) and the romance dialog goes away.

I’m looking for some help since I’m a tad lost, the grease isn’t flowing around the mental gears. Maybe I just need to read more 50 Shades…

7 responses to “The Erotic Adventures of Molly Parker

      • If you mean how to get the grease flowing again, it’s coming. It took a while to get the characters set so I can have real interactions between them. I chucked a whole character arc and am working on something else organically right now. I’m liking it a whole lot more. Now I’m just up to a sex scene and I don’t know where to take it. The novel is BDSM to the extreme and I need to ease the reader into it, so how far how fast is the question I’m trying to answer now.

      • Oh. That’s what you mean. Yes, it is based on real life throughout the novel. It’s the language that I’m lifting from fifty shades. It’s that sterile overwrought prose that I’ll use at first for the flirtation period with sex, and as it gets deeper and more into experimentation, it’ll read more like joyce mirroring the maturation of my main character from fluffy harlequin writer to someone experiencing life.

    • Thanks, I’ll take a look. I think the first love scene is going to be rather quick but interesting and then they’ll get longer as her writing matures along with it.

      So much to do with the writing in this. Definitely more complicated than when I originally thought “I’ll do a romance novel for fun!”

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