A Little About What I Do

Welcome to jameswilliaml. That’s what I’m calling this blog because I’m not feeling creative at the moment of creation (and It’ll probably stand for all time now because I’m too lazy to edit this). I also try to post every single day about something related to writing, sometimes not, but that’s how it goes.

With a cursory glance you’ll find that this is a writing blog. I am an aspiring writer. And adult writer too in so far as I am an adult, a writer, and the fiction I produce is meant for adults, not that I write “adult fiction”, but guessing from the title “Erotic Adventures”, no matter how tongue in cheek that can be, you probably don’t want your boss discovering it. So use caution. I currently have one book in the rough draft stage sent off to editing that you’ll find up in the top bar. The second that I am working on is a romance novel, sorta. That’s Molly Parker. It’s a work in progress to say the least. It’s not going to be a traditional romance, rather, half of it will read as a romance novel a la Sidney Sheldon or EL James, and the other half as my own brand of writing. Lots of sex too… Looking for beta readers to digest both them and give what feedback can be given.

I hope to lend my editorial eye to others’ writing while they look for a second opinion, and I hope that I can get a critical eye on my writing as well. I’m breaking my books up into “pages” so that you don’t have 10k words to read in a single sitting too. They’re both works in progress, I’m technically looking for alpha/beta-readers. It’s a little too private, I’d rather people I know not know those things about me. But UpMeDownMe is in the process of being edited.

Most of my literary interest can be summed up in just two authors: David Foster Wallace and Thomas Pynchon. I have others of course. Phillip K Dick and Don Delillo are at the top of my list, Cormac McCarthy as well (and Hemingway). But Wallace and Pynchon influenced my writing, my approach to books, and my thinking most of all. I wouldn’t be half of what I am without Gravity’s Rainbow. So I like long winding sentences, such as this, punctuated by commas all through it and sometimes without so that they spin on not through excessive use of adjectives and description that leads to overwrought writing which to me smacks of an amateur filling space, and in the end contain a full train of thought just like I was taught a sentence was way back in elementary school (I also love parentheses  to add asides to things and was never taught how to use them properly). I also like short sentences – just like Hemingway. Also sentence fragments. I also wouldn’t be half of who I am without Walter Kaufmann and his translations of Nietzsche. That latter focus comes from me being a professionally trained philosopher. I studied it and contributed to the realm of philosophy of science – to be exact, in the study of contrastive bayesianism started by my advisor Elliott Sober.

I am not new to blogging. I used to blog about mental health and philosophy. Those are two subjects near and dear to me as will be obvious if you read UpMeDownMe. I hope to be boring and pedantic (though you’ll never guess it by my use of commas in writing fiction), sometimes witty, and at best entertaining. My life tends to be filled with drama when I least expect it to be and rather dull the other 90% of the time. The dull parts are often filled with 30 Rock, Frasier, and movies. So more often than not you’ll get a rant about a movie.

Oh, and for a day job… I’m going back to college to go to grad school in psychology. And for a job (if you can call it that) I’m an administrative assistant that does everything and anything to keep the business running. The majority of what I do is write advertisements.

And of course, all contents of this blog are subject to copyright laws, I hold all rights and under no circumstance will I allow reproduction of any of my fiction without express permission by me. So, above all, do not share my books.


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