Warmish Weather in Winter

Mmm… Warm weather, though not quite warm weather, it feels like warm weather in contrast to the not so warm weather that has been plaguing the north for the past several months. Mmm… Warm weather. Double digits seeming like the sun is shining on the beach in late august where t-shirts are shirked and bare skin is displayed. 17 seeming like it was a delightful day outside and through a wool coat it almost appears possible to take it off and absorb the warm rays with greater proximity. Mmm… Warm weather. Soon it will be double the degrees than what it was just a few days ago and in a few days it will be double that.

It’s tempting to think that it’s all linear. First 15, then 30, then 60, then whatever comes after that. And while it is tempting to think that it is also easy to forget that it is just tempting us into false thinking. First 15, then 30, then 10. After that it doesn’t seem plausible that the era of cold will ever end and the lurching degrees will never settle into a pattern that leads to an escape. To and fro.

Here it is, the end of March, the beginning of spring, the days past when the Groundhog would say winter ends and spring begins. Fuck the groundhog. He’s always wrong and this time he should stay in his hole before he’s lynched for the worst weather prediction in decades. Stay down in your hole little one, before we play whack a mole with your head.

But, being an optimist, I think it will come. Weather dot com tells me that it will always be warmer in a week, it never really is, but hopefully it will be right one of these days and then I can go out and spend a day in a park smoking a cigar watching people live in the outdoors. Summer will come, sometime, it’s just a question if Spring will ever show her face.


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