To My Bike – I Love You

We’ve had a rocky relationship, that’s my fault. There was a day, years ago, where we were together every day, no, we were inseparable. I thought about you all the time, you infected my being, and I bought you gifts. I would care for you with shammies and gentle touches and the occasional screw driver. And in turn you drove me to greater heights and made me a better man.

I cannot believe that I ever lost sight of you.

Instead, as I languished under the cold grip of depression, under a grip that you could have helped with, I sat you in the corner to daydream of days gone past and a tepid hope of days to come. I stared day after day at you in the corner dreaming of days gone past as the fall turned to winter and it was then that our relationship finally ended.

It was awkward for you, I know that. You were there, watching me from day to day waiting for the day that I would once again grab your top bar in a firm embrace and hoist you down the front stairs and set off onto the various bike paths of Madison. But it never happened again. Once you thought it could have, that I might once liberate you, but that was only me clearing my dresser of the garb I wore for you, and then I hung them on your two shoulders. How that must have hurt I wouldn’t begin to believe or imagine, draped, stationary, with our most intimate things. Your chain drying and soon the outdoor weather changing ending any new reconciliation.

But you stayed with me. You never gave up hope. Sitting there in the corner, moved from house to house, you never gave up on me and my love for you still burned deep down and it never allowed me to sell you. You were the rock in my life once long ago and you never ceased waiting to be that again. The seasons passed and once again we are in winter and I am dreadfully out of shape. But I have found you.

I gave you a gift to show that I want us to be together again, it is not the one you wanted, but it is the best I can do for now. I have mounted your rear wheel in a device so that it feels like we are biking on a road once more. I have already tried it, I think you’ll like it, we can be together again at a time when we would be distant. But I am thinking long term, I am promising myself to be long term, I have bought you GPS. Now, we can go anywhere. We can look at see all that we have done and how far I have progressed because I know that deep down, while you live just for the ride, you also live for me to be fitter so that I can drive you further and harder. These are my gifts.

And pay no attention to the fact that I have a second bike. I bought her to take around town and if I lost her or she was stolen it would not hurt me as much as it would if it was you. I do not care for her as much as you. It is why the only time you go outside with me is for me to ride you forever to the far reaches of bike paths and then back again. You brought the love of biking into my life and I will never let you be treated callously like some common bike chained outside in the rain. You are my one and only and I have rediscovered that. Come summer, we will go places you never went before, I promise you that.

I am sorry, and I am sorry that I have another bike as well, but all bike loves are polygamous, but you are my favorite.


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