Freshly Pressed And A New Direction

Hooray! I have had the good fortune of being freshly pressed for my piece — The War Of The Formats. This signals a change that has been coming for about a week now about the direction of the blog. This will still be a blog devoted to writing, but less so about writing itself. Rather, I will take an approach that is more like McSweeny’s and have the blog devoted to creative writing.

Already out are my Dear letters that I hope to continue from time to time hopefully filling in one post a week. But I will also be fictionalizing my life. The aim is to create short stories based on what I did in a certain day, highlighting a small portion of it for creative purposes. Being fiction, they will not be all that I did in a day nor will they be exactly or maybe even close to what I did.

In short, I thank all those who have been reading this blog until now and I hope that you continue to follow and enjoy what I write.



5 responses to “Freshly Pressed And A New Direction

  1. This is so cool! Some people work years for becoming freshly pressed and it never happens. I love your writing style and as I said, it IS really good reading. make certain you post your thingy on your site for all to see 🙂 When you can take a simple everyday object and turn it into an introspective peice so very well written…others are going to notice. Thank you for sharing 🙂

      • I am not astonished! It was very good writing, and I told you so, even before Freshly Pressed found you. I am happy for you and feel that it was well deserved. (But now there are all of these expectations…..just kidding. I have a friend who only posts marketing and publishing articles, He’s a physicist. One day he wrote a poem filled with cliches. It surprised him by being Freshly pressed. You just never know.)

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