Grinding Out A Word Count

I’ve fallen victim to Scrivener’s daily target window. As of late, I’ve just been forcing myself to write for the sake of writing and more importantly, it a writing target. It’s larger than NaNo, it’s 3,000 words a day. Which may sound like a lot but it’s actually a lot easier than it initially sounds. But that’s all I’ve been grinding out. My writing has suffered and more importantly, the work is all plot based.

What I mean by this is that all the work that I do is grinding forward on the plot and basic character interactions. There’s more to come of course. More filler, more subplots, more everything will be coming in due time. But for right now it’s me trying to get to the end of the book in one piece before going back and bare knuckling it all into submission.

There’s good reason for this. Part of which is mood based, I’m depressed, but that’s a cop-out. Plenty of great writers have written while depressed. The main reason is that I sat on the book for too long and now I want to see it play out in action. I want to write the juicy parts and see my characters expand. I really want to write all the sex scenes which have ballooned from just a meagre handful to plentiful. It’s been fun coming up with all the different times Molly Parker can have sex.

But the other part is that as outlined as the novel is in terms of pacing, it needs characterization. I can never write characters ahead of time. I have two of them relatively well set, but my third main character, Dom, never seemed to have a role. Until yesterday. I don’t know how much I’ll keep of what I’m writing, but the little scene where Molly looks at Dom acting like an idiot out on the Promanade and just playing around is one of the better scenes I’ve come up with in the entire book and it doesn’t last long. It’s a little sad, a little happy, the tone is just dead on to make you feel for both characters.

And that’s why I really like to write organically.

As hard as I tried to create a structured outline and stay to it, the rest of the book took hold in a matter of a chapter and took me in a different direction. It is in this reasoning that I think that a daily word count is beneficial. It helps get things down on a page that can surprise and lead to gems. And writing organically outside of a structure is one of the biggest helpers in creating gems that you hope to keep around for a rewrite.


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