The World Is Material

I have a strange view of the world now that I’ve started writing. The world is material. Everything. Watching the Act Of Killing made me think of it as material. This is not new. I used to want to write screenplays and then I was thinking of things in terms of camera shots and fitting it together in a story. But I’ve always viewed all the world as an oyster ready to be shucked and gobbled up.

For now, that’s all going away. I could just sit and stare for hours feeling mildly anxious sipping coffee. Yesterday I was agitated, I had a glimmer of my old self and I wrote Kafkaesque in a sitting. It was an outpouring of what it was like to go though my life for a brief moment. I felt whole again.

I know that I’ll probably write a short story out of this. This is all material. How my mind feels slightly out of reach where if I reached out to grasp it my finger tips would gain a hold on it that would only last for the briefest of moments. It’s Tantalus only its with his mind or his soul.

But I start to wonder if I’m crazy in all this. Should I really diagram conversations and wonder how they fit together when I overhear them on the side walk? Should I really need to take notes on real life to put into a book? Am I really that crazy to boil everything down to a story?

I think no. The world is just a series of events without stories. We put things together to tell us a story about what is happening. Books, TV, movies, they all show us a different way of putting together the world when done right.

I think of the Pianist. It shows us how to put together survival in Nazi Germany that is not told in any other story. A tale of survival at the mercy of others to escape being sent to concentration camps. It showed us a new way to put together the glimmer of facts that we knew about the time, and giving us a few more.

All the world is material, even the mundane parts. One day I’ll write a mundane book, once I find the drama in it. And I don’t think I’m crazy for dissecting everything around me, that’s just being a good human. A good person takes in everything and tries to understand it. Being a good author means being a good human, to see what others are casually overlooking. So all the world is material, I hope to keep looking at it for more.


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