Sitting In Silence

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

For me, this means football. Packers are playing, again, and against the lions, again. This feels like an annual thing in my life. Thanksgiving feast will come tomorrow though. Today, I’ll have the house to myself and my parents who are pretty low key.

My siblings are not so low key. Very intense, sorta loud, I love them but man can I use a break. It’s sending my head into a tail spin of stimulation. Youtube videos, and onslaught of things to talk about, ADHD everywhere, it’s a lot.

I can’t write in this environment. I want to, I really want to, but my mind is… crunchy. It’s almost like I can’t think with all the things buzzing around me at high volume levels.

Which is why I often value my silence. I will have something on in the background back at my fort, but it’s something I’ve seen a million times so I can tune out when I want. And I can think clearly. Silence enables me to hear my thoughts. It’s how I write most of the time, sans sound. I have a quiet apartment with my roommate and things are generally low key unless we fight over something like the dishes. It’s… wonderful.

And I personally believe that having a sanctuary of sorts is important. Having that quiet place where there are no distractions but the select few that you create for yourself. It’s very important for creativity in my mind. Whether it’s a coffee shop or a park, there needs to be background to tune out the rest of the world and let things just fall by the wayside.

I think it’s also important for life. Not meditation, but just having a place or something to do where it’s quiet. A place to detach. For me, it’s often a comfy chair next to a fireplace in the winter. I can curl up there for ages and forget about the day and only focus on work. And over the break, over the holidays, I think it’s good to have this and get away from the stimulation of family for just a while.

So for Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas, make some times for yourself as well as time for family. Have a beer, by the fire, maybe with headphones on, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of family.


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