Sunshine Award Nomination

I’ve been nominated by Maddvmilliner for the sunshine award. She has some questions. I’ll try to answer truthfully, but only one reader of the blog will know if I’m spinning a web of lies (and probably give me a stern look about it later).

Here are the questions:

The questions:

1) Favourite blog post you’ve ever done?

Love the english way of spelling with the extra ‘u’s. Really, I do. Spent some time in England and I loved it. If I ever become an ultra successful writer and can live anywhere, it’ll be in Manchester or London.

Favorite fav post is Nihilist Cookie. That was a rough day, so I went to get some Asian Kitchen, which is the greasiest dive of Chinese food you can buy in Madison. Worse than A8. And not only did I get that cookie, but I also got a second one in the same wrapper (woot). Fun day.

Favorite actual post, not just a picture of something I found with my food – that would be my mild tirade for proper usage of I and Me. You Does Nothing For Me

2) What was the last movie you saw at the cinema?

The Act of Killing. Definitely watching this movie again. It’s profound, and disturbing, but I think it’s more disturbing that I look at it and go “material!”. I sometimes wonder if all the meds I take have turned me into a sociopath.

3) What is your opinion on Christmas?

Not much of an opinion. We don’t have gifts, we dropped that a long time ago, back when I was a kid. So it’s more of an excuse for me to come home and have a break and sleep in a small bed that’s a little on the uncomfortably soft side for my taste (I love me my queen bed at home).

4) Your preferred means of writing? (I.e pen and paper, laptop, iPad)

I prefer laptop. Almost wrote laptoption. That’s the downside. I write fast, ridiculously fast. Years of piano and learning to rapidly type before I could write with a pen make it so that my manic stream of thoughts can all get down in one piece. But I also like pen and paper when diagramming and sketching. I tell myself to do it more because I produce better material going slowly. Tablet… interesting. Don’t know how I feel about it yet.

5) One blogger you would recommend to others?

Linda G Hill She has great posts for writing, like what do you make your characters eat and what’s in their fridge. I’ve never had a character really eat. There’s one bad date that turns out alright and food isn’t even mentioned in any detail. I guess they just starve. Even Star Trek shows people eating…

6) What is your guilty pleasure book/film?

Right now, that’s definitely Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s bad, I know it’s really really bad, but reading it aloud in voices is far too much fun. I’ve actually recommended this book to a select group of people who will take it with a drop if irony.

7) Football (soccer) or rugby (American football)? Or something else?

American Football. Packers first in my rooting pecking order, then Patriots (watching them come from 24 points down was amazing), then Niners. I know most head coaches, quarterback situations, running backs, and a meager handful of wide receivers along with almost every player on the 53 man roster for the packers. It kinda makes its way into UpMeDownMe, and I try to tame myself from going too far into Dom Caper’s use of corner backs to bring pressure in a 3-4 defense.

8) The last book/film that made you cry?

The Pianist.

9) Favourite meal and why?

Favorite meal as in, one I would have again, or best tasting all time?

Best tasting all time is cold turkey chili from a can. One time thing too. I was out biking for hour after hour in hot August heat that was hovering well into the 90s. I burned thousands of calories without carboloading properly. So I staggered inside, sweat just pouring off me on the stairs while my stiff sole shoes clacked against the steps, hauling my bike up over my shoulder, and then tearing through the cupboards for whatever could give me what I needed – protein, fat, salt, with a little sugar. Turkey Chili from Trader Joes. Amazing. If I could always feel that good eating, I would.

Favorite meal that I would have again?

The sturgeon entree at L’Etoile. Michelin star food, it’s another world of amazing.

10) Is there a form of writing you’ve never tried but would like to (i.e poetry, biography, travel writing)?

I’ve tried poetry, so this doesn’t count, but I’d like to get good at it. I think it would improve me as a writer to write concisely with different vocabularies as opposed to what I’m used to doing which is blabbering on and on forming unruly sentences that no one can really read while using a fairly modest vocabulary so that people aren’t just running to a dictionary when trying to piece together what I’m saying.

I would like to try and write the longest sentence I can possibly muster. Several hundred words at least and I’d try really hard to keep it from being an obvious run-on or just a paragraph without periods. I know I’ve hit somewhere around 150 words, I think I can do better.

11) How does it feel knowing people all over the world are visiting, reading, and following your blog?

Umm… Cool? Part of my tries to shield this blog from people I know because strangers not liking my work, blegh, friends reading it before I’m okay with it, not my cup of tea. There’s something about the anonymity of it, even though this blog is far from anonymous, that makes it fun and safe.


Things about me:

I don’t like Harry Potter at all. Really. I think the 4th book was okay, that’s it. I think the first book is shoddily written, the last book was phoned in, the 5th book reeked of misdirected self pitying angst that I don’t care to read about for hundreds of pages. Harry Potter should have died. The entire series should have been about Hermione Granger who was the only non-static character. The rest just found “purpose” in their lives meaning they just shacked up at the end and had a warm feeling inside.

The epilogue ruined epilogues for me.

I will never read Twilight.

I don’t get why girls and women like men who stalk in books. It’s a sign ladies, he’s going to kill you or threaten to kill himself if you don’t say you love him back.

My favorite cat is my cat, Lucifer. She’s a maine coon and loves belly rubs.

And I have spent over $1000 on my headphones and equipment for them.


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