Who Would You Like To Write Like?

What novelist would you love to be able to write like?

It doesn’t have to be exactly like, but similar in style to. Close enough that people can say “he/she is kinda like” but not the plagiarist “he/she is exactly like…”.

For me it’s David Foster Wallace.

If you’re interested in who you write like, you can cut and past some of your work into here:

I Write Like



8 responses to “Who Would You Like To Write Like?

    • I just put a chapter I wrote last night in and it came up David Foster Wallace. I guess when drunk I write like him. But I get him here and there when I’ve played around, along with Joyce. I could think of worse writers to be similar to since I write in a post modern stream of consciousness vein.

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  2. I used a few different pieces of writing to see whether anyone came up more than once, but instead I got Agatha Christie, then James Fenimore Cooper, then David Foster Wallace. Not sure if they have anything in common though – I’ll admit I’ve not read anything by any of them. If I were to name an author who’s style I’d like to write like, I’d probably say Scott Heim – having read ‘Mysterious Skin’ I noticed a lot of similarities with the way I write.

    • The more writing you put in the less everywhere it can be I’ve put whole chapters in to get an idea of how the tone is similar to other chapters. I get Wallace all the time and Joyce the rest. I can also see Wallace in my writing. He’s a major influence in my work. And if you’re writing similarly to him, give infinite jest a shot. He’s definitely worth some time.

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