What Genre Would You Erradicate?

What genre, if you had to choose, should burn for all eternity?

Here are some ground rules:

No – “all of young adult fiction” same goes for “adult literature” or anything in that mode of categorizing (but erotica is still in, just no super categories that genres fall into). Genres, literary genres however loose literary is taken.

No feelings judgment. There must be a literary reason to burn it. So no “it’s icky” or “annoying” reasons.

No one gets to take offense. Correct them, provide examples, but this is pretty inflammatory to begin with, no need to add fuel to the fire.

No romance literature – that’s just a cop out.

And I will accept post-modern as a genre.


There are a lot on the list if I had to choose (I’m coming for you Proust), but for now Horror – I’m sorry Poe, you’re lovely to read, but you failed to do as advertised.

[Edit for clarity]


9 responses to “What Genre Would You Erradicate?

  1. Why is adult/erotica ruled out as a genre? Surely it has conventions as much as any other? I would eradicate the celebrity biography but pretty sure that wouldn’t be accepted as a literary genre either. Goodness knows that I don’t accept it as one 🙂

      • Ah okay, can I do celebrity biographies AND the derivative erotica that has swept the world since the 50 Shades phenomenon? The erotica doesn’t bother me per se, I haven’t really read it and am not a prude, but you used to get such diverse recommendations for reading material through the wordpress books feed and now two out of three books seem to be genre fiction with a man’s abs on the cover… I dream of a better literary world!

      • I’m currently reading fifty shades. It is unintentionally funny in ways I never thought possible, including ruining the word murmur for me.

        But it’s funny that you brought it up because I’m in the process of deconstructing its language to rip off, subvert, and show up. Half the novel is romance in an effort to use sex to avoid facing issues, and the other half a look into loneliness and fear of moving on after a divorce and having it all finally be at an end. Every other chapter is the romance, with the realistic life in between.

        So the main focus of the book is on lost and rebuilding one’s life while the fun part is laughing at the romance and having an excuse to actually go along with the absurdity.

      • A former colleague of mine wrote an extensive essay about the use of music in the triology. I just read a few pages and decided to get the rest of my understanding from the brilliant Fifty Shades of Suck website! Let me know when your full deconstruction is up, I’d be interested to read it 🙂

      • I would like to know how it’s used other than its blatantly obvious uses, which are then pointed out in the writing. And it missed using Venus In Furs! How the hell do you miss a song about the book that basically started the whole sadism-masochism-domination thing in literature? blerg…

        I would seriously suggest getting a used copy and then reading it aloud in different voices. Last thing to make me laugh that hard was 30 Rock.

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