Writing in Different Mediums

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter T – for tablet. My laptop gave me the finger today and I’m letting it literally sit in the corner to cool off. Thus, the tablet for writing the post and more.

I first bought the tablet so that I could have something light to carry around with me instead of lugging the behemoth around Madison. Each month it seems I find more things to do with it in terms of writing. Notes, sketches, ideas, and now writing itself. It’s a different medium.

Some may say that its still a screen, it’s digital, but it’s not. Here’s why. It is a different input method. Rather than keys, I tap. Analog ways of writing is boiled down to pen input. If you had a wacom board with a pen, it would be the same thing as paper in my opinion. So now I write in three mediums. Tablet, computer, pen and paper.

All of these have their advantages.

I’m a fast typist. I’ve been typing since I was six and I often mentally spell words by thinking of how it feels in my hands. I love typing organically in that medium because when I’m going I don’t have to slow my thoughts down. But I often type too fast and let grammar and thoughts outpace the editing. I also read too quickly on a laptop screen and suck at rereads. I usually do that on printer paper or my tablet.

Paper slows me down. It slows me way down if I want things to be legible. So I think about the words I use rather than the whole thought and connective sentences. I write, arrange, and edit on the fly and often get better work though less of it. And then I have to transcribe, another editing process. But it can slow me down too much. I can’t write thousands of words in a sitting writing by hand and then my wrists tend to hurt.

Each holds value, and for me it’s a matter of preference at the time I feel like writing that determines which to use. Tools matter, and to me its which tool I want to focus my mind in a certain way. Looking over this post it seems that the tablet has a quality to it that I lack in most of my writing, directness. I have shorter paragraphs and fewer winding sentences that can strain the mind when reading. And I think that I might write the romance part of Molly Parker in this format because I’m looking to change my writing voice for that part of the book. I want the short sentence structure, and I also want concision. I also don’t pay attention to word counts as much because I don’t have it. I just write blind and let the story dictate how much I’ll put out.

Next up, I’ll try dialog in this. I’m terrible at writing dialog and eschew it at every point possible. Maybe now the different format will reveal itself to be useful in new ways.



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