Proof: I write like David Foster Wallace

Yay! :

Put your text in. Analyze it. See who you resemble. Apparently, I write like one of my literary favorites. Not surprising that I write like him considering that he’s a favorite of mine but I do it all the same. That’s for UpMeDownMe.

For Erotic Adventures of Molly Parker I got:

Chuck Palahniuk: for the third person perspective.


Dan Brown: for the Romance part.

Sex scene:

Ann Rice:

Honestly, I’m very proud of this achievement. I have three distinct voices that I’m trying to interweave in the book and this shows that I did it. And to be honest, I really really want the romance part to read like commercial fiction at its best. And Ann Rice? Bingo for a sex scene. I can’t wait to see how it handles the orgies.

But more importantly, this can be a useful tool. The key to writing a good book is maintaining the same tone throughout. This can pick up on subtle shifts in language that maybe should be corrected later in editing to make the book more cohesive.

Thanks to: Wolf’s Realm at for cluing me into this.


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